Call for volunteers in Holland on SUSTAINABLE building-project.

This spring and summer 2012 the last part of a challenging building-event is taking place in Holland.
Ecodorp Brabant (www.ecodorpbrabant.nl/index.php) is building a passive house with volunteers on the premises of “De Kleine Aarde” in Boxtel near the town of Den Bosch.
For details of the project look at all English texts on this project.
We all speak Englisch, and other languages, so you will feel at home.

The aim of the project is:
To show that sustainable building is possible;
To demonstrate sustainable building methods, materials and technology that work.
To demonstrate that sustainable building is possible at a fair price;
To prove ourselves that we are capable of managing such a project and to experience it.

We can camp on site (free) and have great vegetarian food. camping
The meals and coffee/thee are for free.

8:30-9:30 ontbijt
9:45 ochtendcirkel (taken verdelen)
10:00 aanvang bouwen/workshop e.d.
  koffie, thee
13:00 lunch
14:00 vervolg bouwen/workshop enz.
  koffie, thee, etc.
18:00 avondeten
20:00 avondprogramma: kampvuur en zo


If you want to come, please mail it to: bouwen@ecodorpbrabant.nl
Love to meet you soon!

If you want to come by train, you can book all the needed tickets here:

Rolf Grooten
Facilitator Ecodorp Brabant.
Tel. 00 31 (0)6 107 59 765