27-8-2010: Construction progress DKA fourth week (16 August 2010)

At the end of last week we contacted municipality Boxtel and heard that there we no objection related to our building permit.  So we are free now to start with the erection of the main structure.  The foam glass that we already put into a sleeve in the ground is temporary covered with concrete tiles.  These tiles will be positioned vertical, at later stage, to cover the foam glass bag at the outside of the building.  But for now, while we are using hoisting equipment, it is easier to have it covered.


The four largest trees are exchanged for same smaller ones.  They are still quit large but with an average dimension of 350-400 mm they will be strong enough.  We only have to find a good method for connecting these four horizontal roof support trees to the two vertical trees in the middle.  But we still have some time for this detail.


A crane is rented for some weeks, together with some scaffolding.  This will make it much easier and safer to handle the larges trees and to install them on their foundation or hoist them on top of each other.  With pieces of trees weighing between 500 and 1000 kg, a hoisting crane is no luxury.


But before hoisting we first have to get used to handling this machine and we also must put it in the right position.  Especial when we are hoisting the largest trees the crane must be near the load.


Wieke repositioned the crane for the first job: we had to move the bags with foam glass to the other side of the building site.  The truck, used for the transport of the foam glass bags was to large to enter the construction site and could only place them at the front.  And, safety first: during hoisting or working above each other we use helmets.  But we also found out that five helmets are not enough so we had to buy extra.


After repositioning the bags it was time for the fist handling of the largest columns.  During the first attempt to put these columns on their foundation we found out that it was not so easy to handle a tree that was not vertically hoisted.  But after some trail and error we found a way of hoisting and pulling at the top to position these large trees without damaging the rod ends.


During lifting this large tree it was clear that this weight at this position was the maximum.  For the next tree we had to reposition the crane again.  Now we chose a position that must be right for the next few days of hoisting.   From here we must be able to install the complete second roof level  and possible also the first two beams of the lowest roof (with those very large trees / beams)



At the and of the first day hoisting we managed to install the two larges columns.  We still have to adjust these trees a little to get them to a better “exact vertical”  but for this moment we are satisfied.


And now it is time for making more and more progress.  In the beginning it takes some time for measurement and finding out how to cut the trees to fit their position.  But every next tree will take less time than the previous one if all the connections are cut or positioned in the right way.


With some scaffolding most positions at higher level are easy to be reached and it will be better working making the adjustments and the connections.


Next week we will decide how to fix the four large horizontal beams that will support the two lowest roof parts.  And if it is possible we will start with making the connections for these large beams.

Cheerful greetings from Wouter