23-8-2010: Construction progress DKA fifth week (23 August 2010)

Also this week we have enough work to do with the shaping of the largest trees and fitting them together.  Our main goal is getting a picture in 3D that looks a bit like the design we have on paper. And also we want to get the largest trees out of the construction site to be able to bring back the hoisting equipment. 
Shaping the trees means that we make a flat surface at one site to have a nice surface for fixing the first layer of a roof construction.


And making a nice and even landing surface for the roof plating can be done just by looking and removing a bit, but it is also possible to use a long straight-edge to assist you.  It is just a matter of having a good feeling about ‘what is good enough’.  In this project it is free to do it as you like, as long as it fits our common goal.  That’s why possible some things look different and that’s why everybody enjoys working on it.


Last week we already prepared most of the beam ends that will be connected to the central beam.  And with the four largest trees still to be connected we made a design for some steel construction in the same way as for beams we already connected.
And because most of the holydays are over now, we could have these four connection made within some days.


It does’nt look like the oldfasion wood connections this steel interference, but for a modern, temporary building it has a good look.  During connecting the other beams we found that we had to adjust the connecting point more and more.  And with six beams coming together there is little space left for number seven and eight.  So we have to find a new solution later on.


At most of the positions where we have a roof supporting beam ending on a vertical beam we just cut a flat surface on the roof beam and connect it.  But you can do it better by only cutting away some wood at the right spot.  It takes some time but it is great the feel the beauty of the result.


With more and more roof supporting beams on its position we can start thinking about putting the roof beams itself into position.  A new kind of job with new way of thinking and acting.  How straight should straight be and how horizontal can you get a construction out of trees without a lot of effort.  Again a matter of finding balance, with the constructive part and within the group to get agreement how it is done in line with the ideas of each other.


The fixing plates for the four largest trees are ready now, so we can start preparing the connection.  A special mould is made for drilling the holes in the tree but we also decided not to have the according hole in the steel plate at this moment.  We first drill the holes in the tree, than we put the steel plates in position and mark the hove positions for the steel plate.  In this way it was possible to have the best fit without much effort in getting the holes in the wood in line with the holes in the steel and it saves a lot of damage on you wood drilling equipment.
All together a good example of good teamwork and sharing ideas.


6 7

During the last days of this week we succeeded in getting those large trees up and on their position.  And now, at the end of week five, we could celebrate all our achievements. We are ending our five-weeks construction time.  But after this, we just continue.  From time to time it will be different, but we expect that on an average the construction will continue quit regular.  So we are looking forward to week six.