Newsletter 9 Ecovillage Brabant
| March 2012

Newsletter Ecovillage Brabant - special DKA

This newsletter contains information about our sustainable building project on The Small Earth (DKA) in Boxtel:
- Virtual symposium about sustainable building and participation of volunteers
- Workshop and other activities of the DKA summer school

Inhoud van deze nieuwsbrief:

Virtual symposium about sustainable building and participation of volunteers

Virtueel Symposium

During the period 21 June - 21 September 2012 you can visit our Virtual Symposium on the Internet. We have a broad spectrum of subjects and interesting speakers and they will give their opinion on relevant topics.
The symposium consists of:

We still are looking for guest speakers, who can tell about sustainable building. Do you know somebody or do you have a nice short movie, please inform us.  More about the symposium…

Workshops and other activities of the DKA summer school

We are building from March 24th until September 1st 2012. Besides the workshops below we work everyday and everyone is ALWAYS welcome. Sign in and join us!

Date Workshops Building activities

Weekend of Opening: Spring party Lentefeest
Workshop boarders with natural materialssnoeien
training: cutting berriessnoeien
training: cutting fruit treessnoeicursus fruitbomen
preparing the vegetable garden and greenhouse

Preparations for constructing the building
31-1 april workshop wall of bottles
workshop compostingrocket stove
Art design for the upper windows
finishing the Rocket Stoverocket stove
6-9 Eastern workshop rendering with clay  
14-15   start West wall (four layers of windows and entrance door)westwand
21-22   preparing workshop water/electricity, backdoor threshold east wall, finishing drainage
28-29 workshop water/electricity Wall heating system and heat exchangerwarmtewisselaar
5-6   Fundament inner wall with glass foam
12-13   Preparations for the floorvloer


workshop floor (glass foam and timber)  
  Finishing the South wallzuidwand
2-3   start kitchen, toilet, terrace mosaic terras
9-10 workshop natural/green roof groendak Finishing terrace mosaicterras
16-17   Remaining works, finishing terrain
21 Virtual Symposium about sustainable building and participation of volunteers groendak  
23-24 Summer festival  
30-1 July   interieur afmakeninterieur
July-August summer vacation

workshop Mandala roof

Jul-Aug workshop Making a clay stove  
Jul-Aug workshop Building with hemp  
Jul-Aug Food workshops hydrophonics, permaculture, organic  food
Jul-Aug Water and energy Working out low tech solutions
harvesttime   Marmalade session, drying your food
21-23 Meeting day with sponsors and guiding tours  

Do you want to build together with us? That’s great!!! We like to welcome you. And there are also other jobs to do. Sign In here.

Introduction day for new members Ecodorp Brabant: 22 April 2012


Sunday afternoon(April the 22nd) we organise a meeting day for new potential members and interested people.

More about this invitation...

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