Kaart van het ecodorp

Ecovillage Brabant is a group of about 100 people who want to live sustainably somewhere in Brabant, in the south of the Netherlands.
We want to build multiple ecovillages with ecological houses and facilities, a place where we can arrange all things in life in a sustainable way. We have already practiced building on a unique sustainable building in the Centre for Sustainability, The Little Earth in Boxtel.

Sustainable also means small in scale and local; living, working and shopping close together. The area where we will settle will therefore be very important to the ecovillage and vice versa. For the municipality to which we will belong, the ecovillage with her ecotourism, her new companies, the cooperation with existing companies and her positive publicity will be a great asset. Because we are also a gigantic think tank with creative, active, positive, sustainable oriented people. We are going to make this century, the Age of Sustainability, there is no alternative.

EDUCATIONEducation centre
Our goal is to be an example in working together to create a sustainable society. Our way of building, the growing of our own food, the creation of sustainable jobs will be our base in the continuing exchange with the area around us; an exchange of experience and knowledge.
Worldwide there is already a lot of experience and knowledge and we want the Netherlands to pick up the pace. This will benefit the municipality who wants us in their community.
We have also got plans to attract other Europeans to the Netherlands to follow courses and workshops on all parts of sustainable living and building. We will do so in cooperation with the Global Ecovillage Network and the European Fund for Life Long Learning. Also last year a number of ecovillagers have followed a training somewhere in the EU to increase the knowledge and experience we have.
Through all these activities we create a form of ecotourism based on education.

Another goal we have towards growing into a sustainable community is in the area of Energy. Providing in our own energy needs is an interesting challenge for us. Of course we will share our experiences and the results with people around us.

We want to grow our own food with Permaculture. Permaculture is a design method for building ecosystems based on food production. That means a lot of indigenous plants, forgotten vegetables, old Dutch races of cows, no plouging and therefore a healthy soil, no pesticide.

Other from that, we also have goals like purifying our waste water, recycling used material, repairing what is useable and most importantly; living without stress. We long for quiet and balanced relationship with nature and our surroundings.

We realize this by an intelligent organisation of our transport, so we use less energy and fuel, produce less noise and less pollution. And also by creating our work where we live, with small scale businesses in sustainable activities.

By designing and building the village together and working side by side in our vegetable garden, fruit orchard and workplace, we connect the ecovillagers with one another and with their surroundings. This way we want to build an open community in which caring and involvement for each other is important and normal.

Ecovillage Brabant exists from October 2008 as a group. After a period of research, planning and organizing we are now ready for the next step:
Finding partners, a town or village and building a real ecovillage integrated in their community. We already have contact with a number of municipalities (they called us) about possible areas to live on.

Ecovillage Brabant was building experimentally on The Little Earth
The Centre for Sustainable living in Boxtel has given us a unique opportunity to build onto their land. It's our biggest project thusfar to practice in building, organizing and cooking.
We have managed the project with the revolutionizing Dragon Dreaming technique.
The sustainable architect Huub van Laarhoven has designed the building with the principles of Sacred Geometry.
A Dutch ministry had given a grant of 120.000 euro to support our building project.
But there are much, much more sustainable organisations and companies who support us with material and knowledge in this project. Here you can see the list.
Read all about the building project.

Do you want to know more?
If you want to be kept informed, please mail us at info@ecodorpbrabant.nl. And also visit this webpage with a list of all English translated web pages.

Warm regards, the ecovillagers of Ecovillage Brabant

We are a member of The Global Ecovillage Network      
    VROM supports Ecodorp Brabant in the sustainable building project on De Kleine Aarde with a substantial grant.